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Get pleasure from no amendment fees on all Southwest reservations. As per Southwest Airlines cancellations policy cancel your flight with no fee once you book a flight on Southwest Airlines. We never charge you a fee to cancel your flight, however, a fare distinction might apply if you decide on to vary to a flight with the next fare. Customers who cancel their flight can forfeit the funds they accustomed purchase. For non-refundable reservations canceled within twenty-four hours of booking. If you cancel online, through the app, or decision Southwest Airlines within twenty-four hours of booking, you'll be able to receive a refund of any fare back to the initial type of payment or value more highly to convert the fare into flight credit forward it absolutely was additionally canceled among twenty-four hours of booking. Must Visit Also :- united airlines cancellation policy ! emirates cancellation policy ! qatar airways cancellation ! jetblue cancel flight ! hawaiian cancellation policy ! lufthansa cancellation policy

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