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Our teams receive and clear submissions based on set guidelines and mandatory checks, capture relevant data, and communicate submission status to the underwriter, helping you boost underwriting efficiency. We simplify submission processing for you by recording premium, coverage limits, instalment information, domicile and renewal dates, and more, and coding premium-bearing transactions to satisfy ASLs.

Our insurance experts support organizations with post binder invoicing, billing and collections, disbursement, and revenue collection. Leveraging proprietary tools and processes, we hone policy lifecycle management and renewals by creating renewal entries, sending renewal notifications to LOB groups 90-120 days in advance, improving MIS and regulatory reporting, and providing functional and technical support.

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Address - 283 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110, United States

Contact - (617) 531-2158

Email Id - contact@xceedance.com

Website - https://xceedance.com/solutions/insurance-operations/

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